Comprehensive Data Management Planning & Services

Changes to NSF Grant Proposal Guidelines Pertaining to Data and HPC

Some changes to NSF's Grant Proposal Guide (GPG) will take effect January 14, 2013. With respect to data, the important change is that biographical sketches for senior personnel, instead of listing up to five relevant publications and up to five additional publications, may now list products, not just publications. Here is the language from the GPG describing the range of materials that may be listed: "Acceptable products must be citable and accessible including but not limited to publications, data sets, software, patents, and copyrights. Unacceptable products are unpublished documents not yet submitted for publication, invited lectures, and additional lists of products." - GPG, Chapter II.C.2.f.

Another change that may be of interest is to Chapter II.D.13, regarding projects requiring high-performance computing resources, advanced visualization resources, or large amounts of data storage. NSF's XSEDE project (formerly TeraGrid) resources are available to PIs requiring this kind of infrastructure.

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