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Cornell 2021 Day of Data Recap

The Cornell 2021 Day of Data event was held in the afternoons of Jan 27-28, and was an opportunity for Cornell research community to come together to share and learn about working with research data.

For those who missed it, presentation materials are being posted online for viewing. Check out full presentation recordings and find slides on the CDOD21 OSF Meeting site. Meanwhile, here are just a few highlights:

  • In his keynote talk, Shane Henderson showed us that because his work emphasizes using data for decision-making, just how important it is to watch out for “misleading” data.
  •  Using spatial analysis and other GIS tools, Yuquing Zhang developed a suitability model for addition of free food distribution sites in NY City during this COVID-19 crisis.

  •  Anna Effenberger showed us the impact of words – of language – on demographic distribution of juror selection.

  •  We were inspired by the participatory design of research with communities of inquiry, and the importance of being respectful in our research activities.

  •  Creating reproducible research involves a suite of activities, starting with project design and statistical analysis, and running all the way through publication.

  •  Lee Humphries reminded us that transparency isn’t just about letting users know what we did with the data, it’s also about being as open and honest as possible with those we are doing research on.

  •  Cornell researchers are exploring cognitive aging by evaluating how different parts of the brain communicate with one another.

  •  We were astounded by how much there is to learn about economic conditions, population migration and natural disasters by studying the light at night.

  •  Marianne Aubin Le Quere showed how to translate large scale industry research into substantive social science findings.

  •  The Gardens of the Roman Empire Project demonstrated a large scale interface for browsing and sharing archeological data.

  •  Helen Lee showed us a participatory design research project on sustainable livestock management in Tajikistan.

  •  Students in Marc Goebel’s field biology classes arrive with a range of experience analyzing data, but the creation of short, asynchronous online content improved their active learning.

  •  Participants learned how to employ “computational empathy” when working with large, restricted datasets.

  •  JoJo Abouf’s workshop covered challenges of analyzing data on surfing competitions ...with an in-depth live demonstration (not of surfing, of analysis).