Comprehensive Data Management Planning & Services

Data Curation Roundtable Event

Please consider attending an informal lunch with colleagues from across our campus to help identify which research data curation challenges are most pressing for you and how the library might help. Our goal is to provide researchers with an alternative to the ad-hoc and do-it-yourself methods for data archiving and preservation that will better support Cornell researchers when preparing their research data for deposit into data repositories.

Data Curation Roundtable: how to address the challenges of sharing, archiving and preserving research data

More details on the event will be emailed to participants shortly before the session, however, there is no need to prepare for the session. Rather we only seek your opinions and dialog on the importance of various data curation activities, as your feedback will greatly enhance the outcomes of our work. However, capacity is limited, so please RSVP as soon as possible to guarantee your participation.