Comprehensive Data Management Planning & Services

Data Storage Finder will help Cornell researchers evaluate options

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Data Storage Finder, a self-service, interactive tool to help discover and evaluate data storage options. Cornell researchers can answer questions about their data needs to identify services based on features important to them, choose just those services they want to learn more about, or explore and compare them all, in one easy-to-use webpage:

Screenshot of Data Storage Finder with some services selected and some deselected to show how the comparison chooser works.

Modeled after Weill Cornell’s storage wizard, the Data Storage Finder organizes information about the myriad storage options available to Cornell researchers into one convenient location. By answering a brief set of questions about their data, researchers can narrow down the storage options to only those services that fit their needs around security, file size, access, and other features. If you have questions or comments about the Data Storage Finder, please submit feedback via this survey or email