Comprehensive Data Management Planning & Services

Department of Energy


  • For Office of Science funding, a data management plan (DMP) or data sharing plan is required with the grant proposal. For other Department of Energy offices, consult the relevant requirements in the grant solicitation.
  • Scope: Data displayed in publications, including charts, figures, and images, as well as any underlying digital research data used to generate the displayed data.
  • Time frame for sharing: Data should be shared at time of publication.
  • Designated repository: Unless otherwise indicated, no required repository. The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) may require research data are submitted to the Open Energy Information Platform (OpenEI). The grant solicitation will have detailed information about specific requirements.


  • According to the DOE Policy for Digital Research Data Management, "Beginning Oct 1, 2015, each DOE sponsoring research office will ensure that the requirements for DMPs are included in all solicitations and invitations for research funding with details about how and when a DMP should be submitted."

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