Comprehensive Data Management Planning & Services

Electronic Lab Notebook Pilot

Academic Technologies and the Cornell University Library are engaging in a joint pilot program to determine the feasibility of offering a campus-wide Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) service. The pilot, which began in January and runs through the end of June 2013, involves ELN use in research and classroom labs.

LabArchives is the ELN product chosen for this trial. For more information, please see or email

** [July 2014] Cornell has transitioned from Pilot to Enterprise level site license for LabArchives. More information can be found at:

** [May 29, 2013] Please Note: Data collection for the ELN pilot program is complete. Interested parties may still register for and use the LabArchives product through the end of June 2013; questions regarding the product and feedback specific to LabArchives are still welcome at A decision will be made regarding site licensing of an ELN product within the next month. **