Comprehensive Data Management Planning & Services

Faculty Advisory Board

The RDMSG Faculty Advisory Board helps the RDMSG understand the data management needs of faculty, applying their disciplinary expertise and serving as liaisons to their respective research domains.

Faculty members:

  • John Abowd, ILR
  • William Arms, Computer Science
  • Richard Burkhauser, Policy Analysis and Management
  • Claire Cardie, Computer Science
  • Jim Cordes, Astronomy
  • Art DeGaetano, Earth and Atmospheric Science
  • Lawrence Gibbons, Physics
  • Natalie Mahowald, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Michael Webster, Lab of Ornithology

Ex officio members:

  • Myles Gideon, Office of Research Integrity and Assurance
  • Mary-Margaret Klempa, Office of Sponsored Programs