Comprehensive Data Management Planning & Services

Love Your Data Activity 1: KEEP YOUR DATA SAFE


Love Your Data Week February 8-12: Helping you get your data organized, secure, and ready for write-up, sharing, and reuse!

Follow the 3-2-1 Rule:

  • Keep 3 copies of any important file (1 primary, 2 backup copies)

  • Store files on at least 2 different media types (e.g., 1 copy on a hard drive and a second on tape or in the cloud)

  • Keep at least 1 copy offsite (i.e., not at your house or on campus)

Things to Avoid:

  • Storing the only copy of your data on your laptop or flash drive

  • Storing critical data on an unencrypted laptop or flash drive

  • Saving copies of your files haphazardly across 3 or 4 places

  • Sharing the password to your laptop or cloud storage account

Tell Us:

  • Where do you store your data?

  • Why did you choose those platform(s), locations, or devices?

  • Post your answer on Twitter (#LYD16, and tag @CUrdmsg), Instagram or Facebook (#LYD16)