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Love Your Data Activity 3: Help your future self- WRITE IT DOWN!


Love Your Data Week February 8 - 12

Document, document, document!

You probably won’t remember that weird thing that happened a week or month ago unless you write it down. Your documentation provides crucial context for your data. So whatever your preferred method of record keeping is, today is the day to make it a little bit better! Some general strategies that work for any format:

Minimum content for data re-use includes Introductory, Methodological, Data-Specific, and Sharing and Access Information. For detailed instructions on each category, please see this document on writing ReadMe metadata.

Things to avoid

  • Using abbreviations or codes that aren’t defined.

  • Using abbreviations or codes inconsistently.

  • Forgetting to jot down what was unusual or what went wrong. This is usually the most important type of information when it comes to analysis and write up!

Tell Us

  • How do you document your data?

  • Show us your lab notebook, protocols, procedures manuals, readme files!

  • Tell us what you love (or hate) about how you keep research records.

  • Post your answer on Twitter (#LYD16, and tag @CUrdmsg), Instagram or Facebook (#LYD16)