Comprehensive Data Management Planning & Services

New Year’s Resolution: get better at managing data

If part of your back to school plan includes wrestling your research data into shape, we can help! Our consultants include experts from the Cornell Center for Advanced Computing (CAC), Cornell Institution for Social and Economic Research (CISER), Cornell University Information Technologies (IT @ Cornell), Cornell University Library (CUL), and other units.

Meeting with a consultant may be useful when:

  • You are planning your research project and would like learn about data management best practices (i.e. organization, sharing, storage, etc.).
  • You have to make data publicly available due to grant or publisher requirements.
  • You are writing a data management plan.
  • You need to identify solutions for computing, storage, metadata, publishing, intellectual property, security, or any other data management issues.
  • You would like to request specialized instruction for your lab, department, project team or graduate student group.

To schedule an in-person or phone consultation, email