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NOAA Releases Plan for Increasing Public Access to Research Results

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has released its plan in response to the February 2013 OSTP public access to research results (PARR) memo. In addition to details about requirements for access to publications, the NOAA PARR plan specifies several "Grantee-Specific Tasks" to be implemented moving forward. Tasks related to data include clarification of the currently existing NOAA Data Sharing Policy for Grants and Cooperative Agreements regarding requirements for proposals to include a plan for making data publicly accessable in a timely fashion ("typically no later than two years after the data are collected or created"). These data sharing plans are reviewed as part proposal review process. In addition, data underlying conclusions of peer-reviewed publications will need to be made available for free at the time of publication. The plan also details NOAA efforts to assign persistent identifiers to data within the NOAA National Data Centers, and describes a Data Citation Procedural Directive to be released in early 2015 that will provide guidance for citing data using these Digital Object Identifiers (DOI's). Additional commentary on the plan can be found at the SPARC blog at: