Comprehensive Data Management Planning & Services

Now available: OSF for Institutions at Cornell

The Open Science Framework (OSF) is a free scholarly web tool that enhances transparency, fosters collaboration, and increases the visibility of research outputs, including data and code, at the institutional level. A partnership between Cornell University and the Center for Open Science now provides a central hub for Cornell research projects.

Benefits of using OSF for Institutions include:

  • Collaborate easily within the institution and with outside collaborators
  • Conveniently share and make parts or whole projects public, and retain security and privacy for project elements that are not shareable because of ethical or proprietary considerations
  • Archive and cite projects, and get a permanent DOI for public projects
  • Connect third-party tools and services and eliminate silos
  • Provide visibility for ongoing and unpublished research across the entire institution

Questions? Contact OSF directly, or set up a consultation: