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NSF Releases Public Access Plan

In response to the February 2013 OSTP access to results research memo, the National Science Foundation unveiled this week its Public Access Plan, Today's Data, Tomorrow's Discoveries. The plan outlines requirements for manuscripts to be deposited in NSF-approved public access repositories within 12 months of publication; this new policy will apply to awards resulting from proposal submitted on or after the effective date of the January 2016 PAPPG. The plan also states that requirements for data management plans, allowances for citation of data in biographical sketches, and policies on costing for preparation and curation of data will remain unchanged for the time being. The document also describes a collaboration between NSF and DOE/OSTI for development of a system for deposit, sharing and preservation of journal articles and juried conference papers. Additional highlights, and a link to an executive summary can be found at NSF's Public Access website.