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OSTP progress on increasing public access to research results

The Office of Science Technology and Policy (OSTP) issued a memo (24 Mar 2014) to update the House and Senate Appropriations Committees on progress of federal agencies in development and implementation of policies to increase public access to federally funded scientific research results . The memo includes background information on OSTP efforts leading up to the requests for increased access to research results and government data and reports on the status of the 22 Feb 2013 memo requirements. OSTP reports that all agencies subject to the 2013 memo have submitted draft plans, the OSTP and OMB (Office of Management and Budget) have reviewed and returned comments on the drafts, and agencies are currently revising plans to address those comments and ensure their plans meet requirements as listed in the memo. In coming months, OSTP plans to convene "interagency meetings" as opportunities for agencies to work together to refine plans and "work collaboratively going forward". Full text of the memo is here: