Comprehensive Data Management Planning & Services

Guide for Cornell Day of Data Virtual Participants

Welcome and thank you for participating in this event. We’re sorry you couldn’t join us in person, but hope you can still engage and learn while attending virtually. Please take a moment to read the information below to make the most out of your online experience with us.

  • Each room will have one Zoom meeting that will have the same link throughout the entire day, allowing attendees to come and go to different “spaces” as needed.
  • We will be recording David Mimno’s keynote speech; we will close the zoom during the break between that talk and the morning panel to close out the recording. We will re-start zoom as soon as possible again once that’s completed.
  • Our Code of Conduct applies to virtual attendees as well as those present in person. Please be respectful of all participants and refrain from hurtful, non-constructive comments or questions.
  • Slides from Dr. Mimno’s talk, as well as those from all workshops whose instructors have shared them are available on our OSF Meetings site:

To get started with Zoom:

  • To join any room/workshop, please click on the appropriate link from the table(s) on the main event page (or copy and paste the URL into a browser).
  • Click 'launch application' which will install the Zoom app on your computer.  
  • After the Zoom app is installed, your meeting will start.
  • Select "join audio conference by computer" to connect your computer's headset/microphone, or use one of the “Join by Phone” options.
  • Once the meeting has started you will see the Zoom menu bar at the bottom of the screen. If you do not see the menu bar, move your mouse slightly and the menu will appear. The menu bar may disappear in full screen mode.

Once you have joined:

  • Please be sure you are muted.
  • Each room will have a person monitoring zoom.
  • Please use Zoom's "Chat" feature to share questions or concerns.
    • Private chats to individual participants are possible, but to create an open and participatory environment, we do ask that you share your questions and constructive comments with all participants.
    • The room/zoom monitor will ask as many of the online questions as possible during appropriate Q&A times.
  • To "move" to a different room, "Leave Meeting" on the space you're in and join another via its URL.
  • Join in on Twitter, too! #cornelldayofdata