Comprehensive Data Management Planning & Services

Wendy Kozlowski

Consultant bio: 

Wendy Kozlowski is the Data Curation Specialist at the John M. Olin Library. She is also the Research Data Management Services Group coordinator, and serves as the liaison between the RDMSG participants, the RDMSG management council and the RDMSG faculty advisory board. At Olin, Wendy’s work with Library Technical Services focuses on metadata issues related to the data curation lifecycle, outreach and consultation on information management and other needs related to research data.  She has a B.A. in biology from Boston University and a M.S. in ecology from San Diego State University, and spent 19 years in biology and oceanography research, working on multi-disciplinary data sets and with teams from numerous institutions both in and outside the United States. Areas of focus: data and metadata management, organization, preservation and access.

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Kozlowski, Wendy