Comprehensive Data Management Planning & Services

About the Research Data Management Service Group


The Research Data Management Service Group (RDMSG) is a collaborative, campus-wide organization that links Cornell University faculty, staff and students with data management services to meet their research needs. The RDMSG’s broad range of science, policy, data, and information technology experts provide timely and professional assistance for the creation and implementation of data management plans, and help researchers find specialized data management services they require at any stage of the research process, including initial exploration, data gathering, analysis and description, long term preservation and access.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Commitment

The Research Data Management Service Group is committed to providing a supportive and nonjudgmental learning environment, no matter your skills, experience, or discipline.

  • We share knowledge and promote ethical and critical approaches to data stewardship.
  • We guide researchers as they manage the impacts of bias, power and systemic oppression throughout the research data lifecycle.
  • We advocate for data management practices that promote equity, justice, transparency and accountability among stakeholders, especially when working in solidarity with marginalized communities.
  • We are dedicated to the adaptive processes required to be an inclusive service.


Operating principles for consultants

RDMSG consultants strive to meet the Cornell research community’s data management needs. Consultants:

  • Provide timely and professional assistance in the creation and implementation of data management plans.
  • Encourage best practices in data management, including those that promote sharing, reuse, and preservation of research data, while respecting the concerns and practical constraints researchers face.
  • Bring diverse backgrounds and expertise to the RDMSG and recognize when additional expertise may be required to meet a researcher’s needs.
  • Share information with other RDMSG consultants to provide the best possible service, while collectively treating all information in grant proposals as confidential.
  • Refer researchers to the most appropriate services, whether at Cornell or elsewhere.

Limitations to services

  • The RDMSG provides guidance on data management planning based on the collective research, computational, and information management experience of its consultants, as well as the stated requirements of research funders.
  • The RDMSG does not provide advice on legal or compliance issues.
  • RDMSG services are offered without any specific guarantee of funding success. 

Workshops and consultations

The RDMSG offers consultations, workshops, and training year-round. Our range of policy, disciplinary and information technology experts can provide assistance with a variety of data topics, tools, and software to meet your research needs.

Learn more about workshops and customized trainings. Email to arrange a consultation or request training.

Research data newsletters

Join the RDMSG listserv to receive our monthly newsletter for the latest on tips, trainings, research data policy news and more. To join the list, send an email message to: Leave the subject of the message blank, and simply type "join" in the body of the message.

Archived newsletters from the Research Data Management Service Group include notices of webinars, conferences, training, and updates from publishers and funders. They also include a monthly spotlight on data management planning and services. 

Information session materials

  • January 2017, Research Data Management at Cornell [PDF]
  • January/February 2016, Research Data Management at Cornell [PDF]

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